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TradedTrends All-in-one Market Research App Helps You Stay Up-to-Date

Did you know that financial news and the sentiments present in the market regulate the stock market movement? If you already know this, you must be that person who always stays up to date with every minute latest market events. While there are several websites to keep your tabs on to stay updated, you can take the shortcut by having a play store app installed that helps you follow all market trends in one place. 

With the play store oversaturated with finance-based apps, finding THE ONE app that can empower your discovery of long-term investment opportunities can be challenging. If there were an app that aggregates data related to emerging macro trends, directing you on your journey to making profitable investments, wouldn’t you go for it? Enter TradedTrends. 

Developed by TradedTrends, TradedTrends is a finance-based market research app. The app is small-sized and gets downloaded & installed instantly. By signing in to the app, you have access to all of the app’s unique features. TradedTrends enables you to

  • Explore the popular financial news from renowned websites like Coindesk, Decrypt, Bitcoin, The Dog of Wall Street, Business Insider, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, and more.
  • Access your personalized news by adding the choicest.
  • Gain valuable insights into market trends that include FinTech, 5G, AR, Crypto Mining, Metaverse, Covid Impact, IoT, AI, and more.
  • Analyze value, interest, and sentiment.
  • Add your favorite equities to your watch list and track them on the go. 

The News tab in the app presents you with popular news, helping you stay updated on the market events. It includes recent information about stocks, cryptos, index trackers, currencies, mutual funds, and other equities. The Discovery tab identifies global investment themes, enabling you to make thematic investments, along with browsing news & equities related to emerging trends.

Click on equities to know more about their TT score, analyst ratings from a range of experienced analysts, target price, moving averages, and the volume of search queries it gets on Google. This volume helps you quantify the interest of other investors in the asset and compare equity prices.

Under sentiment, detailed sentiment analysis is carried out and presented for you. Market sentiment refers to the overall attitude of investors towards particular security. This analysis held on news articles gauges how the market feels about given equities, along with Beta, EPS, OP margin, PEG, PE, and DIV Yield. You can add your favorite equities to form a personalized watch list and get timely alerts in the form of related finance news. 

By starting with your analysis of the emerging macro trends, you can identify and narrow down the key resulting sectors and invest in promising equities. TradedTrends analyzes information from articles and social media to study the impact of crowd psychology on individual equities.

The app also uses methods to forecast the true, present, and future value of an equity or an entire market. Download TradedTrends now and stay up-to-date with the latest market events, for financial intelligence is one investment you can’t risk losing.


Rating: 10/ 10
Price: Free

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