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Best Video Player app with Precision Control of the Playback to the Millisecond – Precise Frame mpv Video Player

A recent study says the video is the #1 source of information for 66% of the world’s population. And 92% of videos that are watched via a smartphone are shared with friends and family.

In most cases, an inbuilt media player that comes with your smartphone is more than enough to play your fav videos. But, when you are watching a top-rated foreign language movie on mobile, does your free player have features to adjust subtitles or audio that are out of sync? No, it does not.

Precision Frame mpv Video Player is an app developed by Precise Control and is available for free on the play store. The unique feature of the app is its precision control which cannot be found in similar video players.

Other rare features include

  1. Seeking videos to the millisecond precision
  2. Stepping the video frame by frame, accurately to 24 frames in a second
  3. Separate volume control – Precise volume level control from 1% to 100,000%
  4. Quick screen capture
  5. Extracting and adding audio and subtitle files to the current video
  6. Support for complex styling in Advanced SubStation Alpha subtitles, up to 2 subtitle tracks simultaneously, and more.
Precise Frame mpv

Precision Frame mpv Video Player supports all video and audio formats. You can also pan and zoom videos, play videos with subtitles, and load external .srt files, coupled with touch gestures to seek video and audio. In addition to playing downloaded videos stored in your local, you can stream and watch videos with URLs.

If you are someone who thinks faster than you converse, you must give Precise Frame mpv Video Player a try. As much as you wish to fast forward boring moments in life, a fast forward button will come in handy while watching long educational videos or your favourite sports videos. With this app, you can watch them at different speeds and concentrate on action-packed parts or highlights. And for those heavy, technical videos you don’t understand, you can go 0.5X or less.

With the embedded feature of taking screenshots, you can pause the screen and take a one as and when you want. But, while trying to capture a beautiful frame in a family video, no matter how many times you forward or rewind, you cannot get it right. Can you? Since Precision Frame mpv Video player gives you millisecond precision, you can take as many perfect pictures effortlessly. You also will be mildly surprised to see the video timestamp and the frame number in the snapshot.

If you are using Android 11, you will not be able to access the snapshots without file managers such as Total Commander and Solid Explorer. For android versions above 11, though you will not find the snapshots on the gallery, you can locate them in the path mentioned in the notification text while taking one. Other than that, the app is awesome.

Download Precision Frame mpv Video Player now and enjoy its precision control features.

get it on google playRating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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