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Convert Your Mobile into A Surveillance Monitor with LineCast

I believe there are multiple things one can do when we are able to have CCTV surveillance monitors within our hands. I don’t think we have had such an app before with a safe and secure system. There is always a reason for every statement so here is why I said the app is something unique.

LineCast allows its users to turn their smartphones into surveillance cameras in three easy steps. The main thing everyone looks for is easy to use and accessible application. Basically, LineCast is a CCTV camera recorder application that makes use of your personalized device’s camera as a medium to have home surveillance or any other type of surveillance. I personally saw the live stream LineCast broadcast is absolutely insane. The app work as a surveillance tool by sharing an IP network.

Unfortunately, the app is only available at the Play store allowing people to secure their homes. But who? The answer is simple, whenever you used the application, your smartphone asks for camera access so the application is connected to your phone’s camera.

First, I thought it may require close proximity and that was the moment I realized not at all, it even worked remotely. As I mentioned the app worked for android but the device needed to stream high-quality streaming may have any operating system.

I think the mystery is still unresolved i.e., how to view the video on your laptop or desktop. Do we need to install any software or is it this simple? A simple browser that’s all you need! You’ve heard the advice a million times that applications are mostly unsecured and this creates a second thought in users’ minds. What I really felt while using LineCast was that the application is protected by a password generated on your smartphone and is only accessible to you. So, no one would be able to connect your phone’s camera to their devices. That is right you are completely in control of what needs to be captured and what not. Moreover, my application allowed me to have access to a front-back camera and flashlight.

Let me share another handsome detail, the application gives me the power of anonymity as no personal information was shared on my part. For instance, email address or access to a google account. We use encryption as a tool to make the connection secure and trusted. I used it for my class and personal needs so there is no point in looking at things and making sure that they are in place. The unique link I got every time make me realize the level of security LineCast provides.

Finally, the most frustrating part is, that the unnecessary ads we have on almost every application are totally absent. The free application worked out for my daily activities. You definitely need to have a try and see it by yourself.

I would personally rate it on a higher side as the greater the ease to use the bigger would be the comfort zone.

get it on google playRating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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