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Mopria Print Service – Print Your Documents from Smartphone

Things are fairly easy when switching from PCs to phones. Getting a paper copy of an email, movie ticket, or school assignment is virtually the past. However, we don’t print things out very frequently because we live in a digital world.

We can’t exactly throw the printer out the window due to this. There will still be times when having something printed is absolutely necessary. Having a printer becomes quite crucial when everything is stored on a smartphone or in the cloud.

In the early years of its existence, printing from a mobile device was a dreadful experience. Few standards were in place, and few printer makers had adopted the technology.

Today, we seldom think about printing and printers, thanks to the Mopria Alliance. It’s easy and simple to use if we require a physical copy of something. We don’t have to think if it is going to work or not.

The Mopria Alliance, founded in late 2013 with support from companies like Canon, HP, Samsung, and Xerox, now controls 97% of the world’s printer market. You can get Mopria-certified printers from almost all of the major printer manufacturers if you take a look. OS providers, cloud service providers, chipsets, and software makers are also members of the alliance.

The Mopria Print Service app, created by the Mopria Alliance, offers features that enable users to print the necessary document using a variety of commercially available printer types. It may only occasionally be possible to print from your smartphone, or at least not in such a simple manner, but thanks to apps like Mopria Print Service, printing from your smartphone has never been easier.

Open the Mopria app and just click the link provided in the app to actively check the list of printers that are compatible with the service if you need to know if your printer is compatible with the Mopria Print Service app. Simply touch on the file print option when you need to print something. Mopria will then take control and ask you to choose a printer.

The number of copies you want to print, whether you want black and white or color, the paper size, and even whether you want things printed on both sides of the paper will all be displayed in a list by Mopria before sending the file you want to print to the selected printer.

The print button on your Android/ iOS device allows you to print nearly anything. Still, you can also share files using the Mopria Print Service app to have them sent to the associated printer automatically. Tap the share button when you need to share images or other items from your device. When the share options display, scroll to find and choose Mopria Print Service. The device will display a permissions request if you attempt to print something that requires you to give Mopria Print Service permission to access the app where the file is stored.

The only drawback that bothers the user is that the app has no user interface, but it allows Android/iOS devices to connect to a variety of printers. Brother, Canon, DEVELOP, Fujifilm, Epson, HP, Gestetner, Konica Minolta, Lenovo, Lexmark, Infotec, NEC, Pantum, OKI, RICOH, NRG, Samsung, Sharp, Savin, Toshiba,  TA Triumph Adler-UTAX, and Xerox are just a few of the manufacturers supported by Mopria Print Service.

If you need to print something from your Android/iOS phone or tablet, Mopria Print Service is a user-friendly app that you should install. You can print nearly anything with the free app, which is compatible with almost every type of printer.

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