Angus the Irritable Bull – A Loving and Fun-filled Story

angus the irritable bull app

An interactive experience about friendship!  Kids love stories, whether they be told or read to them. Sometimes a story book that offers a little more than a story brings more meaning to the experience and makes the experience that much more memorable. The imaginative and creative minds at Watermark Ltd. have put a loving and fun-filled story about an angry little bull named Angus into an app that allows children and adults alike to become a part of the story

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Explore Major Cities with momondo places

momondo places

Discover hidden gems!  Ever wonder what it would be like to be a local in one of the bigger cosmopolitan cities around the world? momondo places, a cool creation from Momondo, is exactly that. It’s an app that runs on your iPad and gives you the ins and outs of major cities like, New York, London, Barcelona and Rome, to name a few. It offers over 200 places to see, dine at and experience, sprinkled throughout each city, that take

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Tank Domination HD – A Warfare Game in a Different Setting

Tank battles to dominate the world!  Love playing games where there’s a crowd involved? Sometimes, it’s just more fun playing against actual players, rather than the computer. Tank Domination HD offers just that. You are in the year 2023, and greedy military superpower corporations have taken over to duel to the end for world domination. Each corporation has its fleet of tanks that roam the land, searching, destroying and capturing real estate to grow the corporation’s empire and to secure

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For the Term of His Natural Life for Those Who Love to Read

Read, absorb and experience! For those who already love to read, there is no need for new fads or enticements to get you to pick up a book and drown in a sea of words that take you to places far away. For the rest, we need a bit of a boost to bring our interest to a level that gets us to open that first page. Bringing books to life on the big screen and on our sets at

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It’s Towers vs. Zombies in Dead Defence

Dead Defence

Download and defend!  Dead Defence by PlayFlock is nothing new in the gaming scene that has you toying with towers and zapping zombies, all in the quest to save life on earth! However, it’s a new playing field and a new set of towers, so gear up, stand ready for your orders and be ready to defend.  When you start the game, you get an introduction from a commanding officer. A virus has spread rampant around the world, destroying life

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Email for Business – Send it with Style

Email for Business

Fashion an eye-pleasing email! Running a business takes time and energy, and tools can make or break it. The underlying foundation of success is attracting new clientele and keeping the existing ones. This takes open lines of communication that speaks to customers, identifying with them and letting them know they are important to you. In today’s world, we are not always sitting at a desk composing our communications to our clients. We are oftentimes on the move, with our smartphones

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