FileCalendar – A Versatile Tool for Getting Organized

FileCalendar app

Looking for a calendar application that’s right for you and fits your needs and lifestyle? Do you depend on notifications and updates for prioritizing various tasks in your life? Then, FileCalendar is something that you must check out. It is one of those unique hybrid apps that easily accomplish what even multiple apps usually fail to. It is like your file manager and calendar coalesced into one to create this revolutionary app.  FileCalendar is among the best apps for storing

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FileCalendar Keeps you Organized and On Track

So often, events and items we put into our calendars are supplemented with files. Things like invites, lists, presentations, pictures, the list goes on. Most calendar apps these days don’t support the ability to tack on files to events you enter into their calendars, making it difficult to link them. This can get annoying especially if you use your calendar on a mobile device and you need to get to a file fast. Have no fear, FileCalendar is here! It’s

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Increase Productivity with FileCalendar

If you are like me, you rely heavily on your iCalendar to get things done. Most people put a great deal of dependency on calendar apps to help them manage their time and get the most out of it, because let’s face it, we’ve all got a lot on our plates. Sometimes just having an event on your calendar is not enough. Sometimes you need extra information to help elaborate on the event and make it more meaningful. This could

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