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FileCalendar – A Versatile Tool for Getting Organized

Looking for a calendar application that’s right for you and fits your needs and lifestyle? Do you depend on notifications and updates for prioritizing various tasks in your life? Then, FileCalendar is something that you must check out. It is one of those unique hybrid apps that easily accomplish what even multiple apps usually fail to. It is like your file manager and calendar coalesced into one to create this revolutionary app. 

FileCalendar is among the best apps for storing calendar items on Apple devices. With no real exertion on your part, you can stay up-to-date with the latest events over your iPhone, iPad, and Macintosh using iCloud. It also allows you to attach pictures and files with respective events from the app itself. In this way, FileCalendar is not only your event-keeping calendar but also a very efficient file manager. Additionally, it permits you to pull in information from different calendars, like Google Calendar, Microsoft Trade, Yippee, and any Calendar that utilizes CalDAV. Setting this up is as simple as associating an email customer app to another email account. 

The app has a surprisingly friendly user-interface given the kind of features it packs and allows you to focus on your task instead of distracting you with tackiness. FileCalendar feels quite familiar to use. Snap or tap the plus sign (+) to make create an event, which can incorporate a title, area, update, note, and invitees. As you would expect, this nitty-gritty calendar coordinates with Apple gadgets, so you see notifications and alerts from it in the iOS notice bars. 


FileCalendar should appeal to individuals who need devices to assist them with streamlining their work processes using regular prompts, such as area-based updates, a notice that reminds you to review what’s on your plan toward the start of every day, and the capacity to include venturing out an ideal opportunity to any notice before an occasion. FileCalendar is additionally at its best on cell phones, where it utilizes the little screen. This makes it simple to stay right on track over your daily task. On the downside, if you change time or location, FileCalendar doesn’t automatically update different members. Sadly, you might have to start updating people manually. 

Excited to start using FileCalendar? Just visit the App Store on your iPhone and search for FileCalendar. Download the app for only $1.99 and get all the benefits. If the need arises, you can check out the in-app purchases too. Also, if you are not confident of buying at the outset, you can download FileCalendar Lite for free. 

And then you’re off to explore! You can start enjoying your FileCalendar by checking your settings, where you can adjust the mode, the language, and so on. If you like the FileCalendar app and would like to leave a comment, commendation, or a complaint, you can just simply give a review. The developers are continuously working to improve the app based on users’ suggestions. 

Now that you’re in, you can start getting the most out of FileCalendar’s best new features such as:

• Built-in Camera

• Notifications for events

• File-sharing with friends

• Support for 20 different file types

• Cloud storage

• Note-taking

• Zip and unzip files

These features will surely help you in setting priorities in your professional as well as personal life.

With greater clarity of goals, you are more likely to achieve them. Simple apps like FileCalendar can be a small step in that direction, but significant nonetheless. Download it now to start reaping its benefits. 


Rating: 10/ 10
Price: $1.99

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