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Workout app for a Complete Gym Workout

This application was created for someone who frequents the gym daily. The concept behind this application is to provide gym workouts for users, so that they can target certain muscle groups, or parts of their body. With this application, you can also track your daily workouts.

When you first open the app, you first see a very muscular man appear on the screen. Parts of his body are labeled with various muscle groups or body parts. These body sections are: Shoulders, Chest, Forearm, Obliques, Quads, Biceps, Abs, Abductors, and Adductors. There is also a back side to this man. In the upper right side of the screen, you will notice a bright yellow button labeled, 180. By clicking this button, the man is rotated 180 degrees and you can now view all the muscle groups on the back side of the man.

These muscle groups include: Traps, Triceps, Lats, Lower Back, Glutes, Hamstrings, and Calves. You can also search for a specific area of the body that you want to work on. Once you tap on one of the muscle groups, the app redirects you to a list of workouts for targeting this specific area of your body. Once you select a certain exercise, the app takes you into another separate page for that particular exercise.

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From here, you can see animated photos or gifs of how the exercise should be properly executed. Some of the workouts feature a full video on how to properly execute the proper technique that is needed while performing that exercise. You can also read a step-by-step instructional guide of how to perform the exercise. You can also view variations to the workout by clicking the small variations tab at the bottom of the screen on the exercise page.

On the variations page, you can view variations in information like how the bar should be gripped, what length your hands should be at, how many sets or repetitions you should do, and what types of weights you should be using. You can also favorite any exercises to use in the future by selecting the small star icon in the corner of the specific exercises page. These favorited exercises can be found on your favorites tab (The star on the main screen, above the shirtless man).

You can access this tab on the home page, where the man with the labeled body parts are. On the main menu of the application, there is a small button on the top left-hand corner of the screen. By clicking on this button, a pop-out menu opens. On this menu, you can see four additional tabs. These tabs are: Exercises, Workouts, Progress, and More apps. The first tab, Exercises, is the menu you have already viewed. A majority of the workouts on the workouts tab require the user to purchase a premium subscription, in order to view and use these workouts. You can choose from the workouts called: 2 Days a Week, 3 Days a Week, 4 Days a Week, or Body Part Focused.

On the progress tab, this tracks how many workouts and exercises you have done, and tracks how successful your workouts have been. The only complaint I have, is that the progress tab does not demonstrate or explain how to log information into it. This part was confusing, and there was no tutorial on how to use this feature.

Overall, the app is fairly self-explanatory.


Rating: 8.5/ 10

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