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For most people sports betting is just a way to relax and have fun. They play without any strategy or ambition. However, it can be a lifelong friend and companion if you go about it the smart way. There is an app for it too!

Winning Sports Advice offers sports predictions and betting advice from some of the top handicappers around the world. This app is free to download, but users need to make in-app purchases to buy advice from these experts. This app features advice of expert handicappers like Joe Gavazzi, Rocky Atkinson, Timo Kanerva, Billy of IndianBet, Joe D’Amico, Tony Karpinski and Tony George.

winning sports advice

The cost of paid advices ranges from USD 9.99 to USD 19.99. It may look to be expensive, but is not a lot of money for those who are in this business. Apart from this, users can also avail free betting advice. However, selecting free advice would launch the mail app, from where users have to send a mail to the developer to unlock freebies.

In the mainscreen, Winning Sports Advice lists the sporting events and available advices. There is an option to purchase all the advices or all the top advices in one tap. Users can also select a few individual advices and add them to the cart to make a purchase in bulk. Advices can be sorted by handicapper’s name.

winning sports advice

Betting predictions cannot be fully accurate –  this is the problem with Winning Sports Advice. Even the services that have proven bet history record cannot be trusted 100%. Therefore, this app claims that it is “is for entertainment purposes only”. Newbies should keep in mind that sports betting can never be only a win win business.

Winning Sports Advice is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later. Sports betting is a legal practice in many parts of the world and is on a strong rise. If you do sports betting full-time and looking for tips on winning, this app can provide some guidance.

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