Stay Connected on the Go with uberlife

A new socializing craze!

Social networking apps have been gaining popularity recently because of their easy-to-use simplicity and viral nature. They make the process of connecting with likeminded people, fun, interesting, and more exciting.

Citysocialising’s iPhone app uberlife facilitate users to hang out with friends and other people around them. This unique ability has helped it create a buzz among those who love social networking. After launching uberlife for the first time, it offers a few tips on exploring the app.


Users can get into it with their Facebook/ Twitter accounts. uberlife accesses these accounts to gather information such as their location, favorites and interests. According to the developer, this permission would never be exploited. You can start sharing your hangout updates by tapping the Plus or Post Update button and adding details about the place and time.

After getting connected to your friends inside the app(through their social networking accounts or email invitations), start initiating hangouts by letting them know where you are or where you will be. This information can also be optionally shared on Twitter or Facebook. It will be posted to your network so that others can join this hangout simply by tapping Me Too – or else they can add a comment, if they want to get elaborate. Apart from following other users, it is also possible to follow favorite places. uberlife can suggest a few.


At present, users need to have Twitter or Facebook account to enter into the app. They can’t create an exclusive account with uberlife.  Integrating popular social networking sites is a good idea, as one can easily find friends to add inside the app. But there can be an option to let the people who don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account use it.

uberlife is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.2 or later. It is also available as a web service. I think an Android version could improve its reach further. This app adds a new twist to the existing social networking scenario by letting people schedule hangouts. Just give a try!

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