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iSave: Money and Budget Manager Gives You Control of Your Businesses

It’s great to consider how you spend your income and where each penny goes. It’s a known wisdom upon which the foundation of wealth is built.

While Orthodox means have been employed, e-wallets have successfully replaced these old means of saving money in this new dispensation and age. These e-wallets offer a way to save money and have features that allow you to track how you spend your money and help you easily allocate your budget.

Do you have a financial goal you must meet? Then look no further, iSave – your ultimate money management companion. With its powerful features, iSave simplifies the task of tracking budgets, incomes, and expenses, empowering you to take control of your financial well-being effortlessly.

Below are some of the features of iSave

Why use iSave?

  1. One of the standout features of iSave is its intuitive Money Manager. This feature affords you the luxuries of organizing your budget, tracking your income sources, and monitoring your expenses. It ensures you stay in tune with your financial goals and improves your spending decisions. You can allocate and organize your budget in order of preference and category. This gives you insights into your income vs spending and helps you stay within your budget limits.
  1. The plus (+) button on the home screen takes you to the income and expenses section. In this section, you can categorize your sources of income like salary, investment, dividend, etc., and your expenses such as clothing, transportation, food, etc. You can also add notes as memos for any of the categories you created.
  1. In the calendar section of the app, you can select and add a date for recurring transactions. This helps you to pay your bills timely avoiding any extra cost you might incur due to late payment.
  1. In the wallet section, you can add your budget, financial goal, and debts you might want to pay off. You can fix a date for each of these to ensure you actualize your purpose.
  1. The statistics button takes you to where you can find a visualization for your spending. It is a pictogram that shows you what areas you spend your money and on what. This helps you to learn your spending habits which helps you to make an improved decision on your spending and also helps you to know which areas you might want to cut down on.


Aside from that it has an easy user interface, one problem I have with the iSave app is that there are plenty of ads, and you can only stop them from popping up by purchasing the premium version.

The premium version which comes for $1.99 and can be repurchased once it’s ended, also comes with extra features such as biometric identification for security which uses fingerprints, face recognition, and dark mode which reduces strain on bright light from the screen.

iSave is truly an ultimate money manager, budget tracker, expense monitor, and collaborative financial app, that gives you control of your finances.


get it on google playRating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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