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Multi-Screen Menu (MSM): Your All-in-One Personal Assistant

As someone constantly surfing the web and having a lot to do at a time, ranging from work from the office to responding to emails and looking up shared important links from colleagues, it often dawns on me that if I had a better organization of these things, I  would be more productive and, more importantly, be able to recollect any of these with ease.

After trying out numerous apps that I initially thought would have features that offer these services, while some do to some certain degree, only Multi Screen Menu (MSM) can live up to its promises. If you have been looking for apps that would help you organize your life, and you are wondering if this is the app for you, then you should learn about this app from the experience that I am sharing through this writing. 

What is a Multi Screen Menu (MSM)?

Multiscreen Menu is a comprehensive life organizer app with 18 dynamic category boxes designed to meet the needs of your daily experience and activities. Its features include storage for web links, images of scanned photos, personalized notes, etc.

Below are the key features of the multi-screen menu.

Links: The link feature allows you to save and reload links to web pages you have visited. It also categorizes each link according to its type, meaning that you will not have to do that tedious job of web searching again.

Scan/Photo Feature: The scan feature allows you to capture and store your favorite images in categories, making it easier to recall, delete, or share them whenever needed conveniently.

Notes: Ideas are best written down when they come. The Note feature is designed and built to help you jot down thoughts, reminders, or important information in their respective categories. Your notes are easily accessible, editable, and shareable at any point in time.

Security Measures: Like every other app and platform, Multi Screen Menu prioritizes your privacy. Its security measure involves using a username and password or biometric fingerprint if you wish. This gives only you access to your account. Cloud-stored information is encrypted, ensuring unparalleled security. In case of phone theft or you lose your phone, it’s easy to retrieve your vital data by simply downloading the app on another device and logging in securely.

Customization: My favorite feature is the Customization feature. It allows you to tailor MSM to your specific needs by creating custom category boxes. Three available boxes on the splash screen can be renamed with your titles and images. Additionally, there’s no limit to how many custom boxes you can create, provided you get the desired number sufficient to meet your organizational needs.

The MSM allows you to use the App for a 14-day free trial, after which you can subscribe to your desired plan.

Get Multi Screen Menu Now! Elevate your organizational game with MSM – Your All-in-One Personal Assistant.

get it on google playRating: 8/ 10
Price: €9.99 one time fee with 14 day free trial

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