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When Blackberry messenger was discontinued, the world lacked a messenger app that was completely secure and free from any threats to privacy. Thanks to Shazzle, we now have an app that does not store any user data on their servers, which is the best way to ensure end-to-end communication without any outside threats.

If you are concerned about your privacy and want to share sensitive data over an unsecured network, then using Shazzle is the best solution. You can share moments from your life in the form of camera shots and videos over the network, without having to worry about hacking. Shazzle believes that the memories you share are your own, and not theirs to store. They do not keep a track of all messages or media files that you send to anyone, nor do they impose any limit on the number of messages and files you can send. ShazzleChat is the best app you can download from the Play Store when it comes to privacy.

All you need to do is download the application from Play Store, sign up or create a network of people you want to text with, and complete the SMS verification process. You need to invite people to join the network, or you can create a personal group. Once the network is established, exchanging messages happens seamlessly and without any breach throughout the entire course of the chat.

How ShazzleChat protects is data from others is by employing a peer to peer connection instead of centralized client-server architecture. This keeps private communication safe and upholds the principle of liberty. Through this method, the message you are sending is directly transmitted to your contact, instead of it first being saved on the server and then sent to your contact. By cutting out the middleman (in this case, the server), the chances of getting your data hacked is reduced by a large extent. Each smartphone becomes part of the private network and since there are no servers in between, the communication happens faster. The contents being sent are available only to the sender and receiver, which prevents threats such as data-mining, data discovery and data aggregation. An encrypted channel is created between the two ends of the link, without any limit to the size of the file being sent over. There are not many apps in the world that will offer you such security.

Which is not to say other apps don’t offer such promises, but such chat apps require you to trust them that whatever contents you are sending, get deleted from their server ‘’over time’’. It’s one of the few apps that does not force you to trade your privacy for other conveniences (which are not even necessary if you think about it).

However, for this app to work and deliver on its promise, both the sender and the receiver should have the app installed on their smartphone. Once both the users have ShazzleChat app installed on their phones, both can send and receive data without any breach of privacy, only as long as the messages are being sent and received over ShazzleChat.

The user interface might not be very attractive in comparison to other apps, but this offers something that those apps cannot; and that is privacy.

get it on google playRating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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  • This is a very interesting application. Seems to have something none of the other apps have which is peer to peer rather than end to end encryption. I have my very own free privacy messaging network. This is great. Thank you Shazzle.

  • I just downloaded ShazzleChat for Android, iOS has not published yet. You must add contacts immediately but once you’ve established your account user get their very own privacy network. I like being able to send unlimited file sized folders, videos, and images. This is pretty cool. If this product works I will be downloading their pay product has a private pay wallet. Private payments? Love it.

  • Great communication app. It is very comfortable and functional. The application reliably protects your data. I will gladly use this application and will gladly recommend this ego to my friends.

  •  Shazzle chat review is a great offer that works on all devices. No lags, no braking. Convenient chat rooms for communication.

  • A simple and convenient messenger for communication. I like it when the application is made with high quality. I would like to say, thank you, to the developers for the work done. Nothing hangs or lags. Download and chat.

  • Khorosheye prilozheiye, legkoye v ispol’zovanii, priyatnyy interfeys, bezopasnoye )

  • Simple and convenient messenger for communication. I like it when the application is made with high quality. I would like to say thank you to the developers for the work done. Nothing hangs or lags. Download and chat.

  • Very good and convenient application, I use it every day, everything works fine.

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