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In life, we all need to have some fun from time to time. There are very many things that people do and it does not matter what you have done as long as you have had a good time and you have enjoyed yourself at the end of the day. Casino games are some of the games people enjoy playing during their free time. It is absolute fun playing these games and they even come with the added advantage of winning some cash while you have fun. Nonetheless, not everybody would have the time and the ability to walk into a casino. It is because of this reason that the Slots Social Casino app comes in handy. With this App, you can enjoy a casino game at any time and at your own convenience. It is not a must that you spend a lot of time going into a land casino.

slots social casino

Slots Social Casino offers you the chance to play poker and slots from casinos in USA. This is very similar to online gambling and if you are a fun of casino games: then, this is the app for you.The best part about using this app is that it offers you a 3D platform for playing slots on your android phone. In addition, you will also get to enjoy top of the range graphics since all the games are HD. With the Slots Social Casino app, you will never get bored. There are over 30 interesting games that you can choose from. What’s more? These games can be played free of charge.

The app is also a pioneer in incorporating social networking. As you play, you have the option of making new friends, sending messages, chips and even gifts. You can also interact with your Facebook friends or make new friends from all over the globe. The more friends you have, you will get to enjoy free chips. For every 10 followers, you will get free 1000 chips that you can use in the different slot games in the app. After playing for 4 hours, you will also get bonus chips.

slots social casino

Slots Social Casino has a platform where you can see your rank in your country, worldwide and even among your friends and followers. There is a luxury shop that has VIP cards, chips, lucky time and even gifts that you can send to your friends. Using this app is pretty simple as the instructions are straight forward. Playing the game of slots and poker is very similar to how you play these games in a land casino. The rules and the style of play is the same and so you do not need to have any special knowledge in order to play this game.

One other great advantage of having this app is that you can connect to friends and share experience. The app is social and hence you will have a great social life as you will share with friends on Facebook and twitter. The bonuses that you get from these games are also very many and you can even be lucky enough to get a mega jackpot. Though the games are very exciting, the games can’t be played for real money. This can be a setback for serious gamblers who enjoy the thrill of playing for real money.

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