Boulder Base – A Unique and Exciting Castle Defense Game

Tower defense games are pretty popular on Android devices. They are thrilling, require great use of grey matter, and are simply fun to play. Boulder Base is another entrant to this genre. Challenging, action-packed, and electrifying, this free-to-play game is here to stay. Although based on the same principle of defending your castle as some other games, Boulder Base has the unique elements that make it stand apart from the rest.

The gameplay is typical of the castle defense games, meaning all you have to do is defend your castle from the enemies. Sounds easy, right? But hold on, it ain’t no child’s play. Boulder Base requires you to think and strategize before you proceed in the game. At the very outset, you will meet Dr. Boulder, who will take you through the different aspects of the gameplay. His wicked sense of humor adds a joyful tone to the tutorial. Boulder Base has decent graphics, simple mechanics, and a piece of engaging background music. The game appears fascinating from the first glance.

Let me give you a little more about how BoulderBase runs. The triad of titanium, boulder coins, and power cells will allow you to construct and upgrade various stuff in the game. This various stuff that I referred to include titanium mines, teleport, sniper towers, howitzer, cannon, and whatnot. In the troop factory, you can produce robots, tanks, scorpspider, artillery, and so on. All of these are required to defend your territory as well as to attack the enemy. From the map, you can see your home base, acquired territories, and enemy territories. You can find one enemy once a day for free. Otherwise, it requires boulder coins to do the same. To win, you have to pass through your enemy’s defense and get one of your units into his castle. When attacked by someone else, you have to make sure your defenses are up to the mark for destroying the enemies. You can either play it in online-multiplayer mode or offline mode. I would suggest the former.

Boulder Base game

Boulder Base keeps the player engaged in the gameplay by offering several upgrades to the defense paraphernalia. The challenge of defending oneself against an army of powerful robots is not easy either. And the strategy required to achieve this feat will keep you on your toes for hours. A number of trophies on reaching different milestones will also keep you motivated to reach the number one position on the leaderboard. It is this aspect that makes Boulder Base exhilarating. What also makes it unique and appealing is its theme of modern warfare with robots, drones, lasers, and all kinds of futuristic war weapons. It helps Boulder Base make a name for itself in the multiverse of such videogames.

There is no doubt that it is an exciting game. But it falls short in some aspects. Sometimes the waiting time required for the construction feels like a drag, and the fact that Dr. Boulder can work on one unit at a time is silly at the least. On Comparing to similar games, it seems Boulder Base does require a little more work, in my opinion.

If a strategy-building game is your métier, don’t forget to check it out. Download now, and I am sure you will end up having a good time!

get it on google playRating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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