PDF Reader iPad Edition – A Handy Utility

PDF Reader iPad Edition

Get a whole library in your pocket! The greatest thing that the PDF Reader iPad Edition does is right in the name: it allows you to read, download, and store .pdf files on your iPad. After I downloaded it, I started using it immediately and in almost no time I had already downloaded several books from online, mainly older books whose copyrights had expired so can be downloaded for free. Then I figured out how to set up my Cloud

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PDF Reader Enhances iPad Reading Experience

A handy e-reader on iPad! I think iPad is a convenient device for a lot of things like on the go browsing, typing a line or two notes, playing games, listening to music, casual emails and watching videos. More importantly it can be an excellent e-reader, if you have the right apps by your side. Kdan Mobile’s iPad Reader is an iPad PDF handling app that helps in viewing and sharing PDF files. Let us start from the mainscreen. The

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