Tangram Browser for Power Users

Tangram browser

With the improvement of technology, many of us now use our smartphones for a wide variety of reasons. Browsing the internet is one of the main reasons that people use smartphones. Whether it be research for a student’s next assignment or even just surfing for fun facts, an internet browser is a must have app on anyone’s smartphone. Tangram is a mobile browser that is targeting professionals, power users, knowledge workers, and the mobile enterprise. Comparing all the mobile browsers

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Roamer – Cheap Calls & Roaming SIM App

Roamer app

Travelling abroad is a fun thing to do, but many find that it is a little hard to do as well. Even though it is always fun to interact with new people, and get new experiences at new places, having to call your loved ones can be a very difficult thing to do as different countries have different roaming rates. Using roaming while abroad is an expensive thing to do, and the way to avoid that is to get access

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iBiome-Wetland – Education Through Exercises Brings Biome to You

iBiome-Wetland app

Finding science education software that kids want actually want to play and one that delivers can be a daunting task. It almost takes enough research to write your own thesis! Fear not, because the creative coders at Springbay Studios have brought fun and science together in an app like no other. If you are looking for a fun and easy way to learn more about wetlands, then iBiome-Wetland delivers. Its hands-on approach brings the biome experience to you and your

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Use Parental Control Apps To Monitor Who Your Teens Talk To!

FamilyTime app

Ask yourself this question, do you know who your teens talk to over the phone?. You might think you do, but rewind and count all the times your teen got up and went someplace else to receive/make a call. They dont talk to their friends in front of you, they might say its because they want some privacy. But it can be because they are hiding something from you! If your teen often leaves the room to attend a call

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Arabian Heroes – Arabian Family Fight to Defeat the Foe

Arabian Heroes app

Games come and go, and most seem to have the same old story and same old setting. Ive been on the search for something different and usually end up finding the same futuristic battle-based games, hunts for treasure in the Amazon, or math-based puzzles. One day, however, I did stumble across a game that caught my eye, simply for the fact that much of the description was written in Arabic this, I told myself, was something to look into. Arabian

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aJoy – A Joy to Send and Receive

aJoy app screen

Messaging and chat sessions are pretty much the way that people communicate and connect these days. Who even picks up the phone and talks anymore? Well, sometimes just sending words can get boring. Yeah, you can add some spice by adding emojis, but think of the response youll get if you jazz up your text a bit with some sound and action. I found aJoy for iPhone and Android smartphones that takes messaging to a whole new level. It lets

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Tribe – Social Media for Selective Sharing

Tribe app image

Like most others heavily hooked into social media, I like Facebook and posting updates, photos and videos to all of my friends, and their friends, and so on, and so on. You get the picture. Well, after a while, I was getting to the point that there were some clips that just werent meant for all of my Facebook family, if I could call it that. I needed a place where I could invite my small circle of friends and

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What2Share – Choose Your Words, Pics and Emojis Wisely

What2Share app

Sometimes words do no justice! Sometimes words aren’t enough to really say what you mean. That’s when those funny emojis, humorous images, and quick video clips help out. But, with the way instant messaging and email is set up, it’s not easy to send those entertaining pieces of media. You literally have to send the image or video from within the app it resides, which means exiting the email or message app and sending it separately. This completely removes the

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