5K Run: 5K Runner Training to Lose Weight

5K Run 5K Runner Training app

Many high profile individuals have said that the only way they’ve been able to stay fit and healthy despite busy schedules is because of regular exercise. A majority of them get this exercise by running. With that said, you should also consider running regularly because it keeps you healthy without necessarily taking up a lot of time. A good way to get started is using the 5K Runner app. 5K Runner is a training app for individuals who would like

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Magic Jigsaw Puzzle – Puzzle Piecing Fun that Goes and Grows with You

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles screenshot

Get your jigsaw jollies in an app that follows you wherever you go! XIMAD has created colorful wonderment that you can download on your iPhone or iPad, allowing you to indulge in endless puzzle solving at your whim! Simple to play, Magic Jigsaw Puzzle provides endless opportunities to challenge your skill, offering a variety of images from which to select your game. Once youve selected the image, you can set the difficulty of game play by choosing the number of

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Duh color Stuff – Cyber Adventure Teaches Problem-Solving Skills

Duh Color Stuff

Filled with adventure around every corner, Duh Color Stuff plunges kids deep into a mystery as they join their cyber friends, the Neighborhood Watch Kids, make their rounds to make sure all is well. This app takes storytelling and reading to a whole new level, introducing new readers to the concept of reading, while enhancing reading skills for those who need practice, all in a plot-twisting, clue-seeking storyline. The app is more than an interactive storybook, it actually allows players

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Photo Collada with Amazing Photo-Editing Features

Photo Collada app

Photo Collada is an application for those who have Android smartphones through which it is possible to produce photo collages. The application features photogrids, layouts, stickers, frames and rich text options, all concentrated together in a very solid piece of software that allows for unique decorations, customization at will and sharing with the entire world. Features: The layouts and photogrids included allow for collaging any number of images from a single one to as many as the gallery can hold.

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Music for Aardvarks Coloring Jukebox for Kids

Music for Aardvarks Color Jukebox app

The moment parents hear about an app or game for kids that features music, the first thought that floods their minds is the impending onslaught of songs that will permeate the air and haunt their nights as they attempt to slumber in peace. That is not the case with Music for Aardvarks Coloring Jukebox. Yes, its an art and music app all wrapped up into one fantastic experience which kids and adults will love equally! Fans of the popular class

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VIPole Secure Messenger Protects Your Data

VIPole Secure Instant Messenger

Modern technology has made it exceptionally easy for people to communicate over long distances. However, at the same time it has made the information exchanged and stored in their devices extremely vulnerable to possible hacking at the hands of cyber criminals.People suffer through possible risks to security and go at lengths to secure their highly sensitive information and data, which if falls into wrong hands can result into a disaster for their businesses. There are several apps out there that

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Pricepirates Mobile Delivers the Best Product Offers

Pricepirates Mobile app

Everyone desires to have some sort of a device to help them buy a product at the lowest price available. Unfortunately there are so many online websites offering the product that it becomes a hassle to compare and contrast different prices. This is why there are a number of apps out there that promise to find you the best deal, and Pricepirates Mobile is one such app. In this review, well have a look at what it is all about.

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NiLi – Getting to Know a City Better

NiLi screenshot

Ever been in a great city and wondered what there is to do nearby. If you live in that city, chances are you already know about the better places to go to get in on a great party, or have a great dinner; but, if you are a stranger to a place, that is no easy feat. Thats where NiLi comes to the rescue. NiLi is NightLife made easy. Its an app that rockin and roarin in cities like Los

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