Safely Access the Internet with ibVPN

Internet connectivity is required for so much of what we do, whether it be for work or play. If you are accessing via a secure network, such as from home or the office, you know that you’re fairly protected from unwanted eyes. However, if you are using public Wifi to connect into the internet, there’s no telling whose prying eyes will be on your data. It’s so important to use VPN when you use public connections. ibVPN (Invisible Browsing VPN)

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Archisketch – Easy to Use App for Digital Drafting and Designing

Architects and designers rejoice! What used to be Archipad has now evolved into Archisketch and presents a whole new world of designing features on your easy-to-take-with-you iPad. If you are as old as I am, you still remember seeing architects sitting at these large tilted desks, making their sketches and architectural layouts on large sheets of paper neatly arranged on the desk. People still use these desks, but imagine if you could sketch something quick, on the spot, because you

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