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Arabian Heroes – Arabian Family Fight to Defeat the Foe

Games come and go, and most seem to have the same old story and same old setting. Ive been on the search for something different and usually end up finding the same futuristic battle-based games, hunts for treasure in the Amazon, or math-based puzzles. One day, however, I did stumble across a game that caught my eye, simply for the fact that much of the description was written in Arabic this, I told myself, was something to look into.

Arabian Heroes is the name of the game, and while its not much different from all the other games in which you must defend your lands from attacking hordes of beings, it does present itself with an interesting cast and venue.

Discover a New Place

Imagine, if you will, living in an exotic Arabian desert, in which its peaceful inhabitants have flourished for years. The game sets a unique stage of play that takes you away, something that was quite alluring to me. The description given is fairly vivid, and from the sound of it, their graphics are just as powerful to match, making game play that much more realistic and engaging.

The background given helps define what the game is all about and how you will you play a part in the challenge that ensues. An earthquake, powerful enough to release an evil sorcerer from the dungeons of deep below, disrupts the peace. What follows is an onslaught of crows eager to destroy mankind by depleting their food and causing mayhem.

The Mission

Your mission is to come to the aid of a family who has committed to fighting these crows and eliminating from the face of the world, saving their desert oasis and everyone else. The family members are: Lulu, Maryam, Amir, and Ahmed.

Your ammo is jelly. Yes, jelly. You take the jelly and blast it at the crows as they fly overhead, nailing them in the gooey gunk until they fall.

Take note that not all crows are bad. The black crows are the ones to target. The white ones are the good crows, and nailing one of those will lose you points. Those white crows are here to help, so make sure your aim is sharp. White crows will deliver your team coins and food, to help you survive the task and succeed.

Game Features:

  • Bright, colorful graphics
  • A hundred unique levels, keeping game play unique and exciting
  • 10 exciting new worlds that can be unlocked as you ascend through the levels
  • Challenge that increases as you move up in levels
  • In-app upgrades purchasing, allowing you better ammo to take out crows
  • Leaderboards, so you know how you stack up against others
  • Earn and collect puzzles pieces along the way

Arabian Heroes is a free download, so I will be adding this to my collection of go-to games that not only entertain, but will take me places.


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Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free


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