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AVG AntiVirus – A Virus Cleaner for Android

I am sure we all protect our laptops from viruses by installing the free, or quite expensive softwares that do so. We do the same thing to our personal computers at home. What we may not have known, is that we can do the same for our phones and tablets—our portable lives. The AVG AntiVirus app is free and is a virus cleaner designed for android. It protects your phone and tablet from malware, harmful viruses, spyware, texts, scam ware, and it also jeeps your personal information safe with their app lock and picture vault—for those ‘private’ images.

Currently, more than 100 million people have installed and used this app. These people now have protected phones. What this app really does is scan apps, settings, games, and files in real-time; it is simultaneous so you do not have to stop using your phone while it does this. if you lose your phone, you can locate it with Google Maps. This app will kill tasks that are slowing down your device, and will make it last longer.

AVG AntiVirus

If you are one that always seems to have a low battery or low storage, this app can help with that as well. It will monitor and optimize your battery life, your storage usage, and your data package usage. So, you won’t be surprised when your phone bill comes and your data usage is way high, because this app will let you know how much data you are using.

If you have downloaded an app that you are not sure is safe, this app will automatically lock it so that it will not affect other parts of your phone. You may not know you are downloading an unsafe app as well, but this app will.

Now, for the encrypted photo vault. We may take private photos or just have images that we want kept to ourselves. This app will hide our most private photos in the encrypted vault, so that only the owner can get to them. The virus cleaner will also find unsecure device settings and tells you how to fix them. it will check your media files for malicious software and security threats. Finally, it defends all malicious apps, malware, viruses, and spyware.

Say we go out and find a free Wi-Fi network. No harm in connecting, right? Well, sometimes these connections are not always great. This app will also scan the networks for encryption problems. If a Wi-Fi network does have a password, we may consider it to be safer but it is not always better than the open Wi-Fi networks. The app will scan the weak passwords for safety. For the other threats we do not know about because we are not computer whizzes, the app will scan them too.

The features of this app are almost endless. It scans all your apps, files, and games with the dual-engine antivirus and removes malicious content. The app will even scan websites for harmful threats. If you are going to a suspicious URL, the app will redirect you to a ‘safe page’ which depends on which android you have.

What I like most about this app is its easy use. You do not really have to check on it or make sure it is working, because it is. It works behind the scenes and protects your phone without any effort from you, besides clicking the download button.

get it on google playRating: 8/ 10

Price: Free

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