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Photo Sense – Photo Edits Made Easy

You hear the word batch in many realms, cooking, production lines, and data processing; but, you would never consider it when you are referring to editing photos. So, what does batch have to do with photo editing?

Photo Sense is an app that allows users to edit collections of photos in batches. Yes, now you dont have to go through each photo to adjust its coloring, crop it, and clarify it. You can select a group of photos, like the ones you took on your last vacation or the ones from last weeks bachelorette party, and edit them all at the same time.

Sounds unbelievable, right? Download Photo Sense and find out now. The app is designed for easy access to all the photos on your device, so you dont have to go around fishing for files. Not only that, because its a free app that is comparable to many of is expensive counterparts, you get full functionality without the cost.

To start, you can customize how you want the batch editing to work. This is called a workflow. In a nutshell, a workflow is a sequence of instructions that Photo Sense will follow to make the edits you define.

Features that I found highly impressive and was surprised to see in a mobile app were:

  • Editing customization at the semi-automatic and manual level
  • Synchronization of image settings across several photographs
  • Cropping and straightening tool, whose settings can be applied across photographs of the same size
  • Image rotation, resizing, and format conversions in batch mode
  • Artistic creative enhancements
  • Photo comparison, so you can see before and after

To start, you select a set of photos and let Photo Sense scan them and suggest improvements. This is in automatic mode. You can elect to save this automatic edit suggestion and then apply it. If you use the semi-automatic mode, you can take the suggestions offered by Photo Sense and make your own adjustments to image improvement.

The only small shortfall the app has is that its lens is not a human lens. So, there may be edits that may not be spot on, but remember that you can make manual edits to whatever the app does, and you wont lose the original, either.

What you do get far outweighs this small impediment. Imagine begin able to go through all 200 photos you took from last months cruise and make basic edits to them, so you are not performing the same repetitive actions on each photo individually. Its a huge time saver!

Photo Sense makes all the sense in the world, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to spruce up your photos in one fell swoop.


Rating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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