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Clip&Go – Instantly Make and Edit Movies for Immediate Sharing

Taking photos is easy just grab your device, tap a button to start recording, and youve captured the moment. The tricky part comes when you want to blast out a video clip thats worth sharing. Yup, thats right, that means a bit of editing. Thats where Clip&Go comes handy.

Who has time for editing? Most of us have hours of video sitting on our devices and personally, unless you are sharing that video clip instantly, you lose the power that the video has. Send it too late and its just not as funny, not as important, and certainly doesnt allow absentee folks to share in what has just happened which is usually the point of sending videos.

If you want to share videos that you have had the chance to spiffy up and make pretty, you need something that you can use on the go and one that resides on the same device as your videos. Clip&Go is an app that you can download on either your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Its ready when you are!


For just $1.99, you get useful video editing, allowing you to clean up and send out a polished piece of film. No more sending out something a bit blurry or a video that contains a bit too much, now you can cut out minutes that dont matter and subjects that are supplemental.

The screen is set atop a calming gray background, with controls colored in orange and mint green very subtle and easy to read. Once you upload a video to edit, all editing options will show just below the video clip. You simply tap on one to select editing that feature.

For instance, if you need to crop a frame, you tap on the crop option, which takes you to the Crop screen. The crop option then allows you to crop just the way you want.

Other essential and impressive functions offered by Clip&Go include:

  • Video trimming and cropping, allowing you to keep what you want and remove the garbage
  • Order your clips in a sequence that makes sense to you
  • Add background music to your video. This makes the video editing even more fun and adds extra color to your clip

Sharing your final video clip is super easy, although I highly recommend saving to your device first before you lose anything by accident.

What I thought was really cool was the ability to choose a format for your video. It can be square, portrait, or landscape, allowing you to crop out what you dont want to send.

The only item that I initially found a bit nebulous was the editing options. While they are all available, they are not explicitly labeled. You have to hover over them and select to see what you are doing. Something that you get used to over time.

If you are looking for an easy way to make your video clips something worth sharing, download Clip&Go today, your friends will be impressed.


Rating: 10/ 10
Price: $1.99

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