DP Gravity Simulator

DP Gravity Simulator – Defy Gravity to Build Planetary Systems

Every so often you’ll come across a game that’s a bit different and gives you a new challenge to take on. It’s a game where you get to build your own solar system, complete with its own sun and a bunch of planets. It’s not as easy as you would think, because once you have the sun in place, there is its gravity that you have to contend with and the gravitational pull from the various other planets you start to place.

When you first download DP Gravity Simulator, which is available for iOS and Android, you will see an informational page that tells you how things will start out and what you need to do to add planets and create balance between them. The information provided is extremely helpful, but in very small print, so it’s a bit hard to read.

Once you hit PLAY, the game starts. You are instructed to tap to add dots, or planets as I like to think of them. If you swipe while adding, this adds a trajectory or vector upon which the dot travels. Once it hits the edges of the screen, it bounces back. The very bottom of the screen will give you controls on the size of the dots, the Gravity strength overall, whether or not there are Bounds, the ability to add a Center object, clearing the screen completely and adding a whole slew of dots by using the Cloud function.

DP Gravity Simulator game

I have to say that I started off adding a few dots here and there and they bounced around like the ball in the Ping game of yesteryear. Every so often, when two dots collided, they merged and grew in size. I was not sure what that was all about, but hey, it was interesting.

It takes many trial runs to get to a point where you have the dots somewhat moving around each other instead of across random paths like ping pongs. I had to add many dots before I could get to any sense of sanity.

A few downsides include the need to zoom in on the informational page because currently it consists of six very small windows all on one page, and they are hard to read. I also found the constant presence of an ad at the top of the screen annoying as it underlay the system icons for my phone.

There are no points, there are no other players, there is no connectivity to Game Center. In a nutshell, it’s great entertainment when you need to pass the time. If that is all you are looking for and you enjoy playing with gravity, then download DP Gravity Simulator soon!


Rating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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