What is Next in Web?

What is the next big thing after the social media

The web space has almost been completely socialized and experts are eager to know its next move.

With “like”s, “tweet”s, “+1”s and other such things, the socialization has taken place in the web space rapidly, but still it is hard to choose a winner in this area. Google and Facebook are the front runners at the moment here, but things may change quickly. Let us explore what web future holds for us.


Experts believe that the web space should get more open and more personalized. Personalization has already been gaining momentum here. Frequent web surfers spend lot of time with social media, as they can personalize their preferences there. They manage to get what they want from the social media, especially from sites like Facebook. One might have noticed the growing importance of these social networking sites in driving traffic for web sites. Even the concept of Search Engine Marketing is moving towards Social Media Marketing. So, undoubtedly, the web space is going to get personalized more.

What about openness? One would agree, the web space is much more open now, than it was ever before. But still it has a long way to travel. Transparency is an attractive feature of the Internet, but, we all know what happened to the Wikileaks. It exposed the darkest secrets of a biggest nation and has undergone a denial-of-service attack. Now, that is not impressive.

You cannot blame Wikileaks and disrupt its service, for the failure in intelligence and security. Majority of the people feel that what Wikileaks has been doing is right, even then it has been been suffering. These kinds of things can be avoided, to make the net space more exciting.

The .com era is nearing its end and the web addresses are going to get a bit more complex; people use to access the web with mobile devices rather than computers; internet communities to play a huge role in reflecting people opinion and all we need to do is contributing our part to get the web space freed from the few clutches that are holding it.

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