Ideas to Market Apps

Make the most of your apps! 

At present App Store has more than 500,000 apps, while Android Market is bulging with 250,000 apps. So, finding users for your app is never going to be easy. I have listed few innovative ideas that can help you market your mobile apps.


App Store Marketing: Find a catchy name for your app. App Store description and the screenshots play a huge role in making an app hit. Try to rework in the App Store descriptions and screenshots as long as Apple allows and try to find the impact of these changes.

Play with the price: You should play smart while pricing your app, if you are not going to give it for free. You can also announce sale to create a buzz around the app. The well-known example for this is the iPhone app Peggle, which successfully carried out this strategy in 2009. Offer a free, lite version of the app, if you can afford it.


Press releases: Press releases play a vital role in the branding of an app. There are many free press release sites to help you in this. Some of them would take it to Google News. If you think you can’t handle it get help from a press release expert for this.

App-Marketing-ideasUpdate regularly: Don’t try to include all the features in the first version. Save some for the updates. You can smartly use these updates for creating buzz by publishing press releases for every updates. It will work for sure.

Submit to blogs: Submit your apps to app marketing sites and review sites. Many sites offer this service for free and some of them would demand a little money –  never bother. If they ask for money please find whether they provide links to your website and to the iTunes page of the app.

There are many more effective ways to promote a smartphone app. If you are planning to launch an app, feel free to contact us for help.

Alpha Digits helps developers to promote their iPhone app, iPad apps and Android apps through press releases, article marketing, app directory submission and other effective app marketing techniques. Contact us before the launching or updating your app.

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