One Super Idea to Market Your App

Use the power of the content 

Internet marketers have been using one powerful tool for some years now. However, app marketers never seem to realize that. Yes, it is the content.

If you visit Android Market, you can understand what I am taking about. There are some apps that charge US $3 for a download and have four lines for an app description. If you are a developer of Facebook or Angry Birds, then you don’t have to worry about describing your app, but what about others. A gripping description can convince the reader to download the app. And don’t forget to optimize it for keywords. Keywords…. What??????????


Let me explain. Try the phrases like ‘best racing game’ or ‘a good racing game’ in Google. You can’t find any app developer site, App Store page or Android Market page in the first 10 results. You can play with the organic search here, by synchronizing the app description content, developers’ site content and press release content. You can also do article marketing.

Optimize all these content for the keywords like ‘best puzzle app’, ‘a good utility app’ or ‘an interesting game’. In general you can get up to four links for a press release and two to three links for articles. You can make one of these links to point your site and another one for the App Store page or Android Market page. If you have one press release and one article in hand, you can reach at least hundred sites and all those content and links will point back to your app. But don’t forget to optimize the content before publishing it anywhere.

A huge number of people are still using the internet in the computer for finding good apps. This technique will certainly gain their attention. Yes, it is a bit tricky. Try it!

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