Research Finds Android Unsafe, While iOS the Safest

McAfee says it all 

A recent study released by McAfee claims that Android is the most unsafe mobile platform.

The popular anti-virus tool maker McAfee has released its study on mobile malware attacks in ‘Second Quarter 2011 Threats Report’. Android was the third most targeted platform last quarter and it has jumped to the first place with 44 cases of malware. The number of malware targeting Google’s mobile platform jumped 76% since last quarter.


Java Micro Edition, the second most targeted platform, received one third volume of threats with just 14 exploits. Nokia’s “dropped platform” Symbian is at the third spot, leaving BlackBerry OS in the fourth position. However, this study finds Apple’s iOS and HP’s webOS as the successful mobile operating systems that have managed to stay safe with zero malware attacks.

Several security firms including Symantec have already warned users of Android’s vulnerability. Now McAfee has released this study reiterating the same. Will Google take this issue at least now?

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