Want to Earn Million Dollars by App Making?

Know what it takes 

Well, it looks like every app maker can become a millionaire, if they can sell five hundred thousand apps. We noticed a recent infographics that “explains” how to earn million dollars by selling an iPhone app. The following facts show the funniest side of truth.


–          An average app price in the App Store is US $2.45.

–          Out of it the credit card charge is US $0.37, processing fees is US $0.02 and Apple takes US $0.34.

–          Developer gets US $1.72 by selling one app.

–          In this way, he needs to sell 581,395 apps to become a millionaire.

–          Salary range of an app developer is US $85,000 to US $117,500.

It may look like app developers are having a tough time at the App Store. However, if you develop a good app and have a good app marketer by your site, you can achieve this. Tap Tap Revenge is making US $1 million every month while Doodle Jump is earning US $15,000 everyday. Angry Birds has been making US $1 million just from ads.

Think about marketing your apps….

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