Internet Marketing VS App Marketing

Know the difference to excel

Many SEOs confuse the internet marketing with the app marketing. They are nearly the same, but app marketing has one additional dimension. Let me discuss it here.

In internet marketing, generally the SEOs have to make the surfers visit the site and they don’t have to worry about other things associated with it like whether they are clicking the ad or buying a product or a service from the site. The site owners need to care about these things. So, internet marketing stops with popularizing the site.


On the other hand, app marketer job doesn’t stop with popularizing an app. He needs to make people download and use the app. His efficiency will be calculated on the basis of the success of the app. So, apart from driving traffic to the developer’s site and to the app description page, an app marketer is expected to make people download the app.

Internet marketing is about dealing with search engines, while app marketing is about dealing with real people and it is not just about “links”.  An app marketer needs to do things like finding reviewers in Twitter and Facebook, convincing them to write a review for the app, contacting guest blogging sites and promoting the app through the blog posts.

In short, internet marketing is a bit more mechanical when you compare it with app marketing. App marketing involves all those thinking and smart work. There is no ready made formula for success here and an app marketers have to workout all possible ways for gaining downloads for the app they promote.

These few things make all the huge difference between app marketing and internet marketing.

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