Importance of Getting Reviews for Mobile Apps

Have you submitted your app for review?

As there are more than a million mobile apps out there, app marketing has been emerging as an independent area of Internet marketing. While Internet marketing focuses on link building, the app marketers do one thing repeated – getting their apps reviewed by websites. They consider it an important thing when it comes to promoting an app. Let me explain why.


Genuine feedback: Generally a good app reviewer would approach an app as an end user (not as a developer or a marketer). A developer might think, he has included all important features a user wants to see in his app. However, the reviewers can see where the app lacks. These ‘few missing things’ differentiate the great app from the average one. These things would make all the difference at the end of the day.

Accelerate downloads: It might be a great app, but how could the world know it? Even if the developer manage to take the users to the App Store or Android Market page, they would like to know the general feedback about his app and most of them would certainly search for it. Therefore, he would read some reviews before downloading it. If you have a great app, these reviews would convince them to download the app.

Publicity: The most popular apps are the most reviewed apps. These published app reviews can attract the visitors of the site and make them download the app. These app reviews speak as a testament as they would stay with the websites for ever.

You can submit your app here to get it reviewed from Alpha Digits.


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