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salesvuPlastic money has certainly made shopping a lot more easy for the shoppers, but certainly not for the sellers. The credit card/debit card processing has a few headaches associated with it. If there is an issue with something, you need to find a solution within it. Therefore, if technology troubles you, try to get a solution from the same.

SalesVu, an iPad app, helps store owners accept and process credit cards through their devices. The vendors can calculate things like total, discounts and taxes with the app. They can also access real time reports and monitor inventory and price changes. As you guess, SalesVu needs active Internet connection to work. [pullquote]SalesVu charges 2.7% as transaction fee for U.S. companies – the lowest one at present.[/pullquote]

After launching SalesVu, users can start processing new orders by tapping on ‘Start New Order’. They need to enter custom prices for the products there to calculate discounts and get payments. After receiving the payment, an email receipt could be sent straight from the app. ‘View All Orders’ lets users view the orders and ‘Manage Shift’ provides access to the shift data.


SalesVu is designed well with attractive interface and it shows that the developers have taken care for making it an easy-to-use app. SalesVu charges 2.7% as transaction fee for U.S. companies – the lowest one at present. Moreover, developers have promised that the payments would reach vendor’s account within a day. Therefore, SalesVu would be a handy tool for business owners.

SalesVu is compatible with iPad and it requires iOS 3.2 or later. There is also an iPhone app available. Both of these apps come at free of cost. If you are a, you could also get a free card reader. However, details can be manually entered into the app, if there is no reader. I hope that this app will gain huge popularity with a few months time.

Rating: 9/ 10


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