Reaxtor 3D Defines the Third Dimension of Gaming

A real test to visualizing skills!

reaxtor-3dHD and 3D are the most exploited terms in the App Store. Many developers use these terms with the name of the app to attract users, but I think, many of them are deliberately misguiding the users. Let me introduce a real 3D app today.

Reaxtor 3D is an iPhone game that provides the ultimate 3D experience to the users. This game offers the new age touch to the old Peg Solitaire. After launching this app, it takes users to a nuclear reactor that is loaded with different 2D and 3D shapes. Users can find these shapes categorized such as 2D, EASY, MEDIUM, DIFFICULT, VERY DIFFICULT and OUCH!!


The rules are pretty easy here! After selecting a shape, users could start playing it by removing the first atom. They can proceed further by activating the appropriate atoms to smash the pulsing atoms. The game continues till the atom count reduces to one. When I tried it, I find it really challenging to solve even the Medium level puzzle. [pullquote]Reaxtor 3D offers a realistic 3D experience to the users and one should appreciate the efforts of the designers for it.[/pullquote]

One needs to read the iTunes page to know that reactor is being run by a mad gorilla. I am not sure whether many would read that completely. It would be great, if the developers could add an introductory animation about the gorilla story (just like the one in the Angry Birds). It would provide that finishing touch to the app.

Reaxtor 3D is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and it requires iOS 3.0 or later. It costs USD 1.99. If you want to try out before buying one, you can get Reaxtor freeD. This app comes without ads, but has a few experiments only.

Developer’s feedback: Rand-O-Matic allows the player to dial-down each experiment by reducing the number of atoms in each shape, making each shape as easy or difficult as the player wants. And there is a cash bounty for solving yet-unsolved fully loaded puzzles.

Rating: 8.5/ 10


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