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Epic Surf Forecast – Know When to Hit the Waves

I stake no claim to being an expert on anything surf related, but I do know that the right conditions make for a great experience. Knowing where and when to surf can mean the difference between a great time or a day gone wrong.

That’s where Epic – Surf Forecast comes to the rescue. Epic, as I will call it, is an app that provides details that surfers need to know before they suit up and set out on the waves. Information provided by Epic comes from knowledgeable sources that rely on precise scientific gear to measure and report on a variety of conditions, including:

  • ECMWF – the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, providing an atmospheric model output
  • WMO – World Meteorological Organization
  • GTS land, ship and data buoy observations
  • Imagery from global weather satellites – polar, orbiting and geostationary
  • NCEP Global Forecast System atmospheric model output
  • An atmospheric model for northern Asia provided by the Japan Meteorological Agency

Surfers who use Epic’s Today Widget can do a quick check on their favorite surfing spots to find out how the conditions are: How are the swells at different points throughout the day? What is the wind speed and what direction is it flowing in? What is the current weather condition? How are the tides and what’s the timing for the rest of the day?

Epic Surf Forecast screenshot

You can search for surfing spots and tag those that are your favorites. Labeling your favorites allows you to easily make spot checks and get alerts when conditions favorable to you are met. These conditions can be defined individually for each spot so you can customize what works best for you. You can then specify when you want to be notified. You can also match on all conditions, or just a few, it’s up to you.

Once notified, Epic will get you there fast by calculating the best route to take. How’s that for taking surfing seriously?

Most of the basic functions are included in the free app; however, to get a few other detailed features, you need to sign up for the Premium subscription, which will give you:

  • 7 day forecasts
  • Frequent Data Refresh – keeps you better updated
  • Ad free
  • Alerts – Epic will let you know when your spots meet your specific criteria
  • Unlimited Spots – Never be left out from choosing a great surf spot with no limits
  • Widget – Get today’s conditions at a glance – no searches or navigating

If there were one thing I could wish for it would be to have Epic send out an alert or message to a friend so they could meet up at the same time and enjoy the same great surf.

I am sure that surfing aficionados will be able to make superb use of this app and will find it simply smashing when it comes to catching the right wave!


Rating: 8.5 /10
Price: Free

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