MultiTap Text – Get ABCD Keyboard for Your iPhone

Now you don’t need to jailbreak! 

multitap textI don’t think QWERTY is an ideal keyboard layout for smartphones that have touchscreens – especially for the iPhones. Therefore, I did a research and found out that there is a solution for this, but only for Cydia phones. However, a few days ago, we got the chance to check a new app that is yet to be launched – MultiTap Text.

This app helps users do away with the iPhone QWERTY and get the convenience of ABCD keyboard layout. After launching this app, it takes them to a screen that has multitap keyboard. From there, they can type their text content. MultiTap Text lets them mail or SMS the text straight from the app. They can also copy it, if they want to.


There is a Menu button at the bottom of the screen, from where users can access the Info area (Help) or can clear the text. It also lets them switch between predictive text mode (T9) and various other input methods such as ABC, Abc and 123 etc., [pullquote]MultiTap Text looks complete as it has all the features a user expects to see in this kind of an app. [/pullquote]

However, the developers should find a way to make it colorful and give it a pleasing look. I think they could add colors in a few areas. This could spice things up inside the app. And of course the icon too can be a bit more colorful. I hope that the developers would consider it while updating the app.

MultiTap Text is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 4 or later and it costs USD 0.99. This app would really help people who love the MultiTap keyboard to text and to compose mails. As it is available at a very reasonable price, you can try it!

Rating: 9.5/ 10


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