Control the Sea Traffic with Ferries HD

It is your chance to dominate!

ferries_hdWith the arrival of the ‘resolutionary’ iPad, the iPad App Store has been growing at a freakish pace to match the growth of the iPhone and iPod section of the App Store. That is really great news for the iPad users. Let me introduce a new game that makes the most of the space and resolution of the new iPad.

Ferries HD is an iPad game that tests the agility of the players by letting them handle a wide range of ferries. Players need to guide these ferries to the right destination, which can be identified by the color. They have to act fast as all these colors keep changing. As the players progress, the game would become harder and there will be new ferries.


Players can guide the ferries by drawing a path for them with their fingers. Two Passages is an easy map and it would be the right choice for the players to test their skills. Caribbean Island and Underwater would be the toughest options. Fast mode would be really exciting after gaining some expertise with the Normal speed. [pullquote]Ferries HD comes with flawless animation and amazing sound effects.[/pullquote]

If you are familiar with the Runway types of games, Ferries HD won’t give you a hard time in understanding the gameplay. Therefore, the concept is not pretty new. One might consider this as a small downside for this app. However, this HD version is bit more exciting that other such games of the same genre.

Ferries HD is a free app compatible with iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or later. It has a free Three Shores map, but if the users want to get more adventurous, they have to make in-app purchases for other maps. If you are quick and skilled enough, you would like the challenges in Ferries HD.

Rating: 9/ 10


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