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Everyone has their favorite sports team, artist, band, or place to experience an event. By using this app, you can find out when your favorites are touring or playing. If you have this app and an eventseeker account, you can sync the two to view on either your computer or your smartphone. This allows you to print out any desired events or copy and paste to my Google calendar.

eventseeker helps you search for a smorgasbord of events, artists, sports teams, and a variety of other entertainment choices based on your location or an entered location. Along with providing entertainment information, the user can gain access to basic information on the event, location, and performer.


It has a few categories including concerts, theater events, sporting events, cultural events, nightlife, educational, festivals and fairs, family friendly events, community type events, business and tech events, and tours. You can easily find an event in your area for your desired taste by going through the categories. It also helps you narrow down the event choices when you aren’t sure what to do.

For your online account, you can sign up and sign into your account via Facebook or Twitter. For the app version of eventseeker, you can login with your Facebook account. Not only can you login to your online account via Facebook, but you can also sync your account to Facebook to share and like events. If you are an avid Facebook poster (like me), you will relish having an event app that will allow you to like and share at a whim. eventseeker also gives you an opportunity to like an event, artist, performer, or venue easily.

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If you want to see a list of popular venues, check out the bottom of the eventseeker homepage. After allowing the app access to your smartphone and all the valuable data is encases, eventseeker will create an artist list based on the information obtained. You can then add these artists to your following list or even see if they are currently on tour. Rather than locating tickets on various websites, you can view the websites with available tickets, view ticket prices, and even purchase tickets through this app – making your entertainment planning that much easier.

While you can follow or like an artist, performer, event, or venue, I think it would be nice to save it. Sometimes you are interested in an event or performer, but you may not be too sure that you can or even want to attend an event. As a local, you know when recurring events happen in your town; however, as someone new to the area or a traveler, you may not be privy to that knowledge. By having a notation or search feature for recurring events, the user can better plan for future events as well.

Despite my suggestions or cons for this app, Event Seeker is a very useful app for your entertainment lifestyle. If you want to find local events in an easy fashion, I would recommend this app without hesitation.

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