SOTKA Motivates and Helps You Maintain Your Fitness Program

There’s nothing worse than getting sick or being injured. Not only are you prevented from enjoying the things you love to do, your entire exercise program takes a big hit. Once you get better, it’s always hard restarting the program you worked so hard to maintain. There’s an app that can help you work your way back to where you left off before your exercise was suspended – SOTKA.

SOTKA is a fitness app for anyone who is just starting out in an exercise program and needs guidance on how to take the first few steps and build them up to a level that works for them. So, in actuality, SOTKA is great for new starters and for those who are newly starting after a break, for whatever reason. The reason why SOTKA works so well is that it’s organized in a way that does not turn people off to the idea of exercising. It provides the guidance and support needed to get you over the hurdle of commitment and staying dedicated to an exercise program.

Free to download, the app is set up to assist users of any age or physical condition. Please note that you should heed your doctor’s advice on exercising before using this app, as they know you and your body best, and you should keep this in mind before engaging in any of the recommended exercises.

The effectiveness of the app stems from how it provides detailed guidance in your first 100 days of exercise. The first 100 days are divided into three blocks, the first two of which are the longest and the last which is just one week:

  • BASIC Block (Days 1 – 49): During this time, you will get a detailed review and instruction on bodyweight related exercises and nutrition. The app will provide posts regarding questions most often asked by beginners such as: breathing techniques, increasing flexibility, basic instruction on calisthenics, water intake, length and frequency of training sessions, and so on. Everyday, there will be a set of instructions on what exercises to complete. Exercises work up progressively to prepare you for the ADVANCED block.
  • ADVANCED Block (Days 50 – 91): exercises introduced each day are a bit more intense and involved. Each day, SOTKA provides a set of exercises you need to complete, and also provides a description of the biomechanics and muscles at work during those exercises. It also provides a detailed review of the various body systems, so you better understand how each works and interacts with other systems to keep you healthy and alive. Every week, the app will introduce a new training technique, which helps to keep the workouts more interesting and keep you engaged.
  • TURBO Block (Days 92 – 98): This is when you get to go freeform and select your own set of exercises. Be daring and challenge yourself to something you’ve never done before or stay steady and consistent and continue on the solid path you’ve built over the past 90 days. At this point, you should feel ready to take on whatever exercise program you are interested in and you should also be ready to stick to it.

The app as it stands is fully functional and easy to use. The only thing I would like to see is the ability to maybe “like” or add exercises and infoposts as favorites so I can go back to them easily.

SOTKA has a great deal to offer for anyone who is starting out fresh on an exercise regime or for anyone who has been away and wants to restart the smart way.


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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