GreenPower Free Saves Android Battery

Never run out of power! 

Smartphones boast big screens and consumes a lot of power in general. Hence, they need to be recharged more frequently. Android devices can balance performance and size, but they are no exception when it comes to battery run time. Google Play offers a plethora of apps to solve this issue.

GreenPower Free, developed by Binary Mango AS, is an Android power manager app that could extend the battery life. It has an attractive interface that features Battery status, Wifi manager, Data traffic manager, Autosync manager and traffic checker. Night mode and Bluetooth manager are also available for the users of the premium version.

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These areas come with default settings, but users can customize them to their needs. For example, this app would turn off Wifi after 30 seconds of inactivity. However, users can change this default setting to reduce the standby time to 10 seconds or to increase it to 60 seconds. GreenPower Free can optionally override the default policies of the device to provide optimum performance for the users.

It manages data traffic by default. Therefore, after installing, GreenPower Free enables the data when there is no Wifi network available. That is really smart, but it may cost you a bit if you are not aware of it. Users who like to connect to the Internet only through Wifi have to disable the app from managing the data traffic.

greenpower free

This app offers rewards for spreading the word about it, but we are not sure what kind of rewards that would be. Could GreenPower Free really improve the battery run time? Yes, when we checked the free version, we could visibly see the difference. It extends the battery run time by at least 30 percent (free version – without enabling data manager and autosync manager).

GreenPower free requires Android 2.1 and up, so it is compatible with most of the devices that run Froyo to Jelly Bean. This app is already very popular and has already crossed a million downloads. The paid version of this app (GreenPower Premium) is available for USD 2.90.

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