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Play lottery on the go!

With the arrival of Internet, playing lotteries has become very simple. This relatively new way gives you instant access to millions in lottery jackpot money from the comfort of your own home. These results are transparent and can be accessed from anywhere.

Clever Lotto, developed by Formigas, is an iPhone app that helps lotto players check their winnings on the go. In the attractive homescreen, this app features four main sections – Home, Draws, Tickets and Statistics. Users can check the prize money and the remaining time for the next draw in Home area of the app. Results of previous days are available at the bottom half of the screen.

clever lotto

Users can add their tickets to the app through Tickets area to let Clever Lotto notify the results after the draw. There is also an option call “Lucky Shake” which would select a “lucky” random number for the users. For this, all the users need to do is shake the device after launching the panel for adding a ticket.

Clever Lotto can track not only the winnings, but also the spending of the users. Draws area of the app lists all the previous draws and guides users on prize breakdown. Other things like ticket types, alerts and notification can be customized through the settings area of the app. However, users must be aware that they cannot play lotteries straight from the app. They have to register tickets at a retail shop.

clever lotto

Clever Lotto has neat design and the Interface is pretty attractive. It looks really pleasing. However, it doesn’t have a help area to guide the users to make the most of it. Users have to contact the developers through Twitter, Facebook or email, if they have any queries. Let us hope that the developer will take this suggestion, when they update the app.

Clever Lotto is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. Online lotteries are growing in popularity all around the world. If you are involved in playing lotteries or if it is a part of your life, just give a try to Clever Lotto!

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