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Best Pregnancy App in 2022 for Positive Birthing experience – Hypnobirthing: A Fit Pregnancy

According to recent research, mindful meditations coupled with deep breathing exercises can help the mother and the baby remain healthy throughout pregnancy.

While your husband, parents, and friends can support you physically and emotionally throughout, only you can realize how you feel and what your body is going through. Right from your first positive pregnancy test, nausea, the first movement, hearing your little one’s heartbeat, first craving, to awaiting your due date, you must keep it together to enjoy the journey and cherish the moments.

As much as your spouse, a pregnancy app will help you keep tabs on everything, starting from medical appointments, vitamin schedules, and fetal developmental milestones. With the app store oversaturated with pregnancy-related apps, you might feel overwhelmed choosing THE ONE that best fits your needs.

Hypnobirthing: Fit Pregnancy by MindTastik is a Labor, Birth & Birthing app available on android and iOS stores. The app is used by over 200,000 women for meditation and sleep during pregnancy, labor, and birth. 

This small-sized app gets downloaded and installed even before you know it. Once you enter your name, mail id, and the month of pregnancy, you will be redirected to a ‘How-to-use’ YouTube video. You can totally skip and watch it later.

With Hypnobirthing: Fit Pregnancy, you can practice meditations, breathe through your contractions, and stay calm and focused during labor.

Once you practice meditation, you reap several benefits, including

  • Better sleep
  • Relieve your stress/ anxiety
  • Focus your concentration
  • Build up your peace of mind
  • Lower blood pressure, ultimately
  • Leading to an overall positive labor experience

As a free user, you will have access to a couple of audios about confident pregnancy, natural drug-free anesthesia hypnobirthing, and relaxing music. Every audio is split into three parts, the first being the standard induction that is common across all audio recordings. Part 2 takes you deeper into relaxation and prepares your mind. Part 3 is the original audio that deals with the specific topic you targeted. 

Each video varies in length. Do play these audios after you settle down in a comfortable place as you may feel drowsy. When you purchase the subscription, you get unlimited access to all premium pregnancy content which includes 

  • Chakra balancing
  • Relaxation & bond with your baby
  • Connection with baby
  • Uncertain moments
  • Best night sleep
  • Post-natal depression and more.

Under the ‘Pregnancy Due Date’ tab, you can enter your LMP to learn your due date and other useful information based on your LMP. You can also view the developmental milestones of your baby week after week and answers for the common queries you may have in mind.

To sum up, women who underwent stress-free pregnancy gave birth to a child with improved cognitive, physical, and emotional development. With that said, you have one solid reason to squeeze in some time for meditation amidst your busy schedule. Download the app, Hypnobirthing: A Fit Pregnancy now and do share it with your friends for an empowering birth experience.


Rating: 10/ 10
Price: Free

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