Make Your Calling Experience Fun With iCallU App

It’s fast, efficient and easy-to-operate!

Calling another number from your iPhone or iPad is something that is very basic and mundane and people usually do not think much about it. But, this normal and boring activity can be turned into a fun and convenient endeavor with iCallU app. Developed by Converscient, this app stands apart from rest of the numeric iDevice applications due to the plethora of features it offers and its ease of use.

The primary and most exciting feature of iCallU is the ability to dial any person by just typing his name on the numeric keypad provided in the app. The T9 search gets activated and finds the exact person from your call list that you are looking to call. Developers have made this app insanely fast so it takes less than 3 seconds to load your contact list even if there are 2000 contacts in the list. The speed and performance does not drop even on the older iPhone 3G versions.


The intelliDial is built in for this app. It means no matter where you are in the world, all you need to do is type the number you want to call and iCallU will find and provide you with the correct area code and other information. For calls made to different states and countries, it makes intelligent suggestions regarding the location and country codes, so you can dial easily and quickly. New contacts are created with ease and you can store, edit or sort your contacts based on first or last name.

The DTMF or Dual Tone Multi-Frequency enables you to call your iPhone contacts from land phone fast and easily. Apart from the dialing options, iCallU lets you send text messages, emails and iMessages all from one single interface. Just touch one button, choose the type of message you want to send, whom you want to send and type away. You can also stop the keypad noise at the touch of a finger without having to put your iDevice in silent mode. Numeric keypad is displayed in bigger size for convenient and soothing viewing. Call log of iCallU is intuitive and you can sort it in many ways and even delete call entries, individually. The shake-to-erase feature is fun and easy to use and lets you clear recent searches just by shaking the phone. iCallU remembers the last number you dialed even if you reboot the app.


iCallU sports a good selection of themes and skins so that you are not stuck with the same boring screen forever. Choose the theme you like most from the settings and keep changing so that every time you open iCallU, it is a new experience. It is almost like updating your iOS with a brand new dialing feature and making the most out of it.

The app is easy to handle. However, while searching a contact’s name with the help of the T9 keypad, the feature faltered sometimes for complex names and names with repeating alphabets. As an introductory offer, iCallU is available at just 0.99$ at the iTunes store. Size of this app is only 13 MB and it is compatible with iOS version 4.2 and above. iPod, iPhone and iPad supports this piece of numeric calling software.

So what are you waiting for? If you are really into ease of dialing and messaging your contacts, this 0.99$ will be the best spend you will ever make at the iTunes store.

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