Share Your Clicks on the Go with FoTask!

Win a lot of prizes too!

In the generation of social networking, this is the new innovative addition. The FoTask app targets all the photography enthusiasts to give them a platform to share their work and creativity through this app. It is a small stepping stone for budding photographers. You can upload and share your pictures, get responses from your circle of contacts and even interact with them. It is the point of conjunction of like-minded photographers, exchanging views, opinions and thoughts on the same field of interest.

You can create a profile for yourself with your own little bio to let others know the kind of work and activities you indulge in. You can put up a picture for your profile and thereafter start uploading your work regularly. You will have followers who will keep track of the work you do. The photo responses are gathered from around the world, not only from friends but also from the experts in the field. Earning the all valuable ‘likes’ from your followers is an incentive to keep sharing your pieces of creativity.


You might want to take your knack and creativity for photography to a level higher. You can participate in the Competition, upload your pictures and wait to receive likes and reach the top of the chart. The profile with maximum likes will earn reward points like gold and silver. You can, in turn, follow people who might be inspiring to you. Receiving tasks from the people you follow can be an exciting adventure for enthusiasts. You can invite your friends to help you finish those tasks and earn points for the same. Uploading pictures based on particular topics will be the main objective behind the tasks you perform. You can also promote your tasks to reach out to people outside the group of your followers and receive more responses.

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Besides earning points and likes on your photos, it can help you win a lot of prizes too. These include electronic goods, clothes from different brands, free services and others. However, you may have to face the issue of slow processing of the app during uploads. Putting the pictures up on your profile can be a little time consuming at times. More often than not, this app has put up a decent performance.

FoTask requires an iOS of 5.0 or higher and is ideal for iPhone 5. However, this app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation, iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. FoTask is available free of cost for iOS users. This app caters to users from all across the world and it is available in English. This app occupies a space of only 7.8 MB in your iPhone and gives you good exposure and entertainment. Developed by Vadim Shapovalov, this app gives a platform for budding photographers to showcase their talents.

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