Shape-up with Fitness Checkup Pro

Know your ability to work out!

We often come across people who complain about their physique. They do not get time to attend gym classes and as a result, end up putting on too much weight or getting lethargic day by day. The major percentage of this population comprise of the house-makers who fail to get themselves out of the household chores and take care of their body. Bio2imaging has designed a useful app for this purpose and has been appreciated to a large extent by the users. This iPhone app is available for free. Now the users can devote time for maintaining their health at their houses itself. This will save much time.

Fitness Checkup Pro

Fitness Checkup Pro is an interesting app which considers 11 important aspects of body fitness. Firstly, it deals with flexibility which helps you to determine your ability to move and stretch your body without pain. Secondly, the capability to balance your body in order to bring out the movements and keeping yourself steady at a particular stance. The other features include Body core, strength, pulse-at-rest, muscle tone, body mass index, body fat index, explosiveness and the capacity to keep up with the efforts. These aspects help you to know your ability to work out in order to stay fit. The app provides you the opportunity to score according to these 11 tests by following the instructions given and improving your health parameters.

Fitness Checkup Pro

The app serves efficiently to the users by providing relevant information and instructions regarding the correct posture and movement of the body for every test. Based on these tests the users are able to witness their improvement as well as to rectify the mistakes done by them. There are health rewards given to the users as per their performance. During each test, first of all the user must go through the instructions provided and follow it accordingly, then the next screen shows how much have they managed to score. The camera of the phone acts as a monitor and transmits information that is instantly processed by the app. The camera also has an interesting and innovative function of monitoring the heart-rate. The Cardio and effort tests enable you to measure the heart rate. The heart rate pattern is duly displayed on the screen with actual timer. Preferably, cameras with the facility of Flash are accepted by this app to carry out the work.

The health score is displayed through the option of fitness checkup. Here, a concentric geometrical figure indicating each end as one of the features is displayed and the blue region inside it points out the score. The total marks add up to 20. There are health badges available as per the marks scored. If your score exceeds 11, silver medal health is provided. Fitness Checkup Pro is a useful app but it needs to be checked regularly to stay updated regarding your health. But there are many options you need to toggle with and may find it boring after a certain number of uses.

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  • Great up! I just downloaded it the other day and it is really cool enough for me. Thanks for this app, I was able to monitor what are my weaknesses and hopefully to be trained more.

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