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Fashion an eye-pleasing email!

Running a business takes time and energy, and tools can make or break it. The underlying foundation of success is attracting new clientele and keeping the existing ones. This takes open lines of communication that speaks to customers, identifying with them and letting them know they are important to you. In today’s world, we are not always sitting at a desk composing our communications to our clients. We are oftentimes on the move, with our smartphones and tablets in hand. It’s at these times when the freedom to send the right message to your customers is vital. This is where Email for Business can help.

Email for Business is a tool that allows you to fashion an eye-pleasing email, in HTML format, taking into account the customer you are sending to. Gone are the days of sending plain text. If you want to grab the recipient’s attention and make a mark in their mind with a polished email, this app helps you do just that.

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There are two types of “emails” you can create – Letterhead and Notecards. Letterheads offer an assortment of graphically pleasing letterheads that add panache to any email you wish to send. Choose from a set of 20 designs, ranging from colorful and artistic to basic and straightforward. These letterheads also allow you to easily add your company logo, links to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and customized signatures. Notecards allow you to design short messages for your clients, partners, or employees. They range from “thank you” to “job well done”, making for a unique and attractive way to reach out and connect.

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In addition to being able to creatively customize the content you send, you can create personalized profiles. At a minimum, one profile must be created order to use and send Letterheads and/or Notecards. Profiles store vital information about you and your company, allowing for automatic inclusion into what is sent. Examples of data would be the company’s Facebook page, Twitter page, contact phone numbers, a website, photos, and more! Multiple profiles may be created, which enables you to have one for a business and one for personal use. You may have multiple businesses, requiring you to create different profiles for each. Creation is easy and configurable as you go. When you are done creating your email, you can review it and then ship it from the app itself.

Email for Business is a new app, and as is, it’s pretty great. However, as any techie would eventually surmise, it would be nice to click on elements within the Letterhead and Notecards and try to customize them, or just create new ones from the existing templates. Being able to change out the graphics or layouts just a bit would enable you to send out what represents you best; but for now, it’s an awesome way to publish a pristine note.

In summary, Email for Business does its duty in enabling its user to quickly create communication that captures attention and makes its mark in the reader’s mind with well placed graphics, content and contact information. Use of templates and profiles gives the sender fast and easy access to a consistent look and feel in communications, all from the tablet toted throughout the day.

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