432 Player – Play Music at the Rate that Resonates

Feel the music! 

Music infuses our lives with sounds that stimulate imagination, calm nerves, excite a passion and just make you feel good. There is a wide assortment of players out there that allow you to collect and play at home, when you’re out and about or sitting in front of the computer. Most people have smartphones, which allow us to setup a playing venue, make easy purchases from within and share favorites. However, most of these apps, and music playing venues in general have conformed to playing music at the popular concert frequency of 440 Hz. Does this matter, you ask? Well, until you’ve heard music and sound played at 432 Hz, you will never know the difference.

432 Player

Ok, so now you are wondering, how do I play at that frequency? 432 Player is an iOS player that runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Created by sound master Ophir Paz, this player tunes and plays music you already have, at the 432 Hz frequency. What’s the benefit to this? Science explains. This frequency is proven to better comingle with the elements of our bodies. Our bodies are 70% water. The 432 frequency resonates well through that element. This means, not only do you hear great music, you feel it. We think we are feeling the music when we crank up the sub-woofers. However, those sound waves are so strong, they pummel the very core of your being. In some cases, that’s what you want – like at a party or dancing venue. If you truly want music to move you, that’s when the 432 Hz frequency rocks, literally.

432 Player

432 Hz tuning scientifically aligns with nature and is believed to underlie so many forces: light, time, DNA, magnetism, gravity, and much more. Imagine absorbing sounds waves that are in sync with the forces around you. It brings harmony. Experts say that listening to music at the 440 Hz rate creates a dissonance that can escalate to other issues. What that means, I’m not sure…but why add more stress when you don’t have to.

The app itself is extremely easy to use. You download, and it’s free! After that, you add music to the player from you current sources. Most of them are probably on iTunes or in your music player. Then sit back and listen. On the main screen, there is textured globe colored like the rainbow. Tap it to add songs One-by-One or the entire list. They’ll feed off your Music app. Back at the main screen, if you tap on the three-line icon, you can create new playlists and populate them. It’s as simple as that.

The only way I can think of trying to hear or feel the difference between 432 Hz and 440 Hz, is to listen to one song via 432 Player and then again on the standard device player. You may or may not detect a difference, but who knows. It would be kind of nice to hear the difference within the app, but then again, how many times are you going to do this and is it worth adding to the app. In any case, being free and clear, it’s worth trying out the player to see if it makes a difference in your life. Listen to your playlists for a week and see if your demeanor changes. You’re not paying a penny to do so, and it may save a few trips to the doctor.

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