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Kids love being on electronics and find themselves involved in games and activities that stretch the mind farther than we could ever have imagined. Many apps geared towards kids are quite appealing and meet the high standards that parents set, to make sure the app delivers quality content and produces positive results, without creating addictions and interruptions in a child’s daily life. Not many apps can claim such fame. However, the creative minds at Box of Frogs Media have put together a wonderful storybook app called Little Lost Note that soothingly teaches young children how to read, on their own or with a little help.

Artistically hand drawn scenes evoke a calm that catches the attention of all while birds chirp lightly in the background. The story is the tale of Little Lost Note. She used to be cheery and bright, sharing sounds of joy with her beloved instrument. However, her instrument is missing, and she is happy no more. The reader can turn the pages with a simple swipe to follow along as a narrator reads and the words she speaks light up. It’s a completely engaging way for children to be involved in a story and learn, hear and see how the words play out.

Little Lost Note

The app conveniently has a day and night setting, so bedtime readings can be dimmed and more conducive to drowsiness. As the child swipes to the next page and follows along through the book, the pages reveal hidden interactive activities that make the experience even more engaging. If you choose, you can read the story to the child, or have the child read it himself. There is the option to turn OFF the narration. If you want to hear the page again, there is replay icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.

As children tap and swipe around each page, little animals or flowers pop up and short musical notes play to bring life to the page. Pages can be swiped forward and back, so you can go back to a page if you want to revisit it. This app is a refreshing change to so many apps that lure children into the desire of in-app purchases, looking for more to experience. The makers of this app had the simple intention of making reading more fun and easier to learn. Not only that, but it makes for a great way to wind down at the end of the day.

Little Lost Note

I really could not find anything wrong with the app. It was absolutely amazing how it spaced out the story onto each page, found simple interactive clicks and taps for kids to discover and have fun with. I would say that this would prove to be entertaining for months to come. However, small changes to the interactions after every ten or fifteen readings may keep readers engaged and parents less bored. The last things you want is to have an app parents don’t want to hear again because of its repetitiveness.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this app to parents of preschoolers who are looking for a fun way to learn how to read and want another avenue for sharing stories, during the day and at bedtime. It was sheer pleasure listening and relaxing.

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