Customize Your Home Screen with Solo Launcher

Fast, smooth and easy to customize!

Solo Launcher offers something unique and new to your phone. This is a new home screen launcher that is absolutely free and you don’t have to spend a penny in order to get this application. The app is also very smooth and clean, allowing you to build a special kind of home screen. When it comes to speed the launcher is above average as there are no major issues pertaining to its working speed. The application would be able to work just fine with any kind of android device. Check out this review to get a complete and clear picture of this application and get to know how it works.

Solo Launcher is a simple yet effective and easy to use mobile application. This app will help you customize your home screen to thousands of themes as well as much more features. The app works similarly to many other launching applications only that it is much easier to use and fun to use too. The app will provide users with great experience and beautiful designs. Apart from the amazing features and great designs, this application is absolutely free and you should not worry about the cost.

Solo Launcher

This app still retains its position as one of the best applications and has always received a five star rating from the customers. One particularly impressive thing about this application is that it is ads-free and you wouldn’t get distracted by the many and boring advertisements that keep popping on your screen.

Solo launcher is interesting yet simple to use. In order to get started and enjoy the numerous themes and features of this app you obviously need to have it downloaded and installed in your phone. Once again the app is absolutely free and available on playstore for easy and quick download. Furthermore, the app is compatible with majority of the android devices and you wouldn’t have a problem with compatibility.

Solo Launcher

Once you have the app installed, click on the icon and it will launch really fast. After the app has launched you will have numerous options on what to do with your phone. Primarily, this app is meant to help you customize your home screen to whatever you want. In order to make this possible, Solo Launcher has about five thousand themes that you can choose from. Once you have chosen a theme, you can also go ahead and select the kind of wallpaper you want. There are thousands of different wallpapers that you can choose. These wallpapers are both animated and live.

Once you have selected your theme and selected favorable wallpaper, you can continue customizing your home screen by using the smart widgets. This feature enables you to customize the widgets on your phone’s home screen. There is also another feature called the app drawer and this would enable you to easily group your apps into tabs and folders.

Solo Launcher is fast, smooth and easy to customize. Apart from this, this application will enable you protect your privacy. With this app you can customize as well as hide other apps in order for you to protect your privacy. Solo Launcher cannot be set as the default launcher on some of the re-built android devices. These devices are such like Alcatel and Xiaomi. This is due to configuration issues and the developer should improve on this so that the app can be compatible with all android devices; otherwise, this is a good mobile app.

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