E13 Call Bouncer

E13 Call Bouncer Blocks Unwanted Calls and Maintains Control of Your Phone

Blocking unwanted calls, whether they are on your landline or mobile, has become a very important feature for most consumers. For landlines, maybe not as much, considering most folks have cut ties with physical phone lines and rely solely on their mobiles for all communications. Now, if you have given out your mobile number because that is your only contact number, you are now susceptible to robo calls, political campaigning calls, sales calls – you name it. To stop the calls, download E13 Call Bouncer now.

With Call Bouncer you do not identify the callers you want blocked – you identify the callers that are not blocked from your phone contacts – all other calls are blocked by default. This is White List only – This app is built in a way it should to be as simple as possible for people to use. If someone wants to take calls from particular numbers that they do not currently have in their phone book, then they add that number to their phone book and add that number to a particular Group in E13 Call Bouncer. The developed used their time to develop something the users wanted and are giving it away for free; no strings attached.

Right at the top of the main screen in the app, E13 Call Bouncer has an ON/OFF switch – if one wants to receive calls from anyone they can simply switch the Call Bouncer OFF – This app values our privacy and creates a simple mechanism form stopping people calling us that we do not know/have stored in our phones

You can create all kinds of groups. Examples would be one for family, one for work, one for a study group, one for a book club, one for your best friends and more. This allows you to control blocks and unblocks by group.

E13 Call Bouncer app

What I found very useful was being able to block certain groups at certain times of the day. Let’s say you have a group of contacts for work, and they are designated that way in the app. You can block that group when you get home, and then unblock that group once your work day starts. It’s an easy to way to enable work life balance.

Overall, the app is super easy to use and works well at keeping all unwanted calls at bay, so you can focus on what’s at hand. What is most beneficial about this app is the flexibility of being able to selectively turn on/off the blocking groups of contacts. What would be nice is if the app could expand to SMS blocking as well. I look forward to such an update.

This app is one to highly consider if you are looking for one that will easily and effectively screen calls the way you want.

get it on google playRating: 8 / 10
Price: Free

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