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Make custom digital greetings from still photographs! 

If you are looking for a unique way to send a digital greeting, look no further than Cam Animate. Sleek by name and just as easy to use, this app lets you take any snapshot you capture and makes a little more fun by overlaying it with a simple but impactive animation. It’s free to download for all iOS devices, so you can carry it with you wherever you go and it makes your camera that much more powerful.

Half Click Studios’ Cam Animate is a photo animation app that allows you to make custom digital greetings from still photographs. The app is free and is available for iOS devices. Cam Animate allows you to add banners, text, animation, voice or music to your still photograph. You can record a personalized greeting if you’d like or upload a short music clip instead. This makes it the perfect choice for creating holiday greetings whether you want to add a holiday song or a special holiday message.

Offering a myriad of amusing animations, attention-catching banners, musical melodies, and fun illustrations, Cam Animate makes the still come to life. It helps you capture your moment and make it momentous! What’s even better is how easy it is to snap, edit and send. The camera integrates into the app, so you take your shot and immediately begin to edit. As soon as you are done, save your changes and send them off. Modes of transportation for your message include instant messaging, email, posts to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. You choose your mode, Cam Animate does the rest.

Cam Animate

If you are tired of buying, signing and sending cards of any type, be it for the holidays, party invites or just to say “thanks”, you can now do it fast and easy, and more importantly, economically. No more spending hundreds of dollars on cards and stamps, not to mention time handwriting your special message. Cam Animate does it all for you – in a unique way.

The app’s interface is so soothingly simple and clean, you wish the rest of your device was just as nice. There is nothing complicated about using this app, and using it to make your pics look unique is half the fun. Wait until you see the great responses you will get once your friends and family see your creations. The fun does not stop with visuals. You can also add a short message or music clip to make your snippet more lively. Who does not love a personalized message like that? Not only can you send a visual you want to share, you can enhance it with meaning.

Keep in mind that the free version has its limits. For instance, when you go to select a banner, you will see a total of 23. However, only 11 are available. Upgrade your app, and you unleash the rest. Not a major setback, but a reminder that nothing comes for free.

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